Most "Testing Companies" do not go far enough to ensure the equipment is suitable for use, a proof load test and a test certificate is not always a guarantee that your equipment is suitable for use.
Indeed there is a huge difference between having your equipment tested and having it maintained, for example; on a 26" diameter Composite Sheave Wheel the head fitting bearing suffers damage (indentations) whilst being proof load tested and if it is not changed out, as defined in the manufacturer's maintenance procedures, the head fitting will not swivel freely and may "ratchet" and possibly disintegrate whilst in operation.
Company Profile
Muro is a local privately owned company which was established in 2005 to provide maintenance and related services for wireline sheaves and associated equipment.

The professional approach adopted by the company will ensure that a quality service will be provided by fully qualified staff. We are committed to providing a specialist service, focused at the maintenance and certification of wireline and associated lifting equipment.

In order to maintain our high degree of service we are committed to ongoing training and development. This will ensure that we keep abreast of current industry practices, HSE requirements and rigorous client demands.

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